Investing Blog Roundup: Using Fidelity as Checking/Savings

As regular readers here know, I’m a big fan of simplicity: fewer funds and fewer accounts, whenever it’s possible to do so without having to make some major tradeoff elsewhere.

Readers with a similar set of preferences may be interested in Harry Sit’s recent article, about how he uses Fidelity not only to fulfill his brokerage/retirement account needs but banking needs as well.

3 Ways to Use Fidelity as a Checking or Savings Account from Harry Sit

Other Recommended Reading

Are the Markets Stacked Against the Little Guy? from Ben Carlson
Balanced Portfolios for a More Realistic Term from David Blanchett
Tackle Your Medical Debt (NPR Planet Money episode, that’s more broadly just about dealing with medical billing)
You Can’t Hedge Against Inflation in the Short Term from Jim Dahle
How to Think About a Tax-Deferred Account from Jim Dahle
The Underlying Difficulty in Forecasting Equity Returns from Larry Swedroe
Sharp Rise in Real Estate Scams Brings New Vigilance from Dan Haar
Retirement in America: Were We Better Off 50 Years Ago? from John Rekenthaler

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